Katrina Grand Jury testimony confirms release of Katrina Virus & US Military Suicide Weapon.

Katrina Grand Jury testimony confirms release of Katrina Virus & US Military Suicide Weapon.

I could never figure out who did the contaminated corpse recovers and now I know per Katrina Grand Jury testimony. The initial recovery was by the US Army and specialized NIH and CDC teams. These teams were in place before Hurricane Katrina. Director Teresa McKay, Defense Finance and Accounting Service issued millions of dollars in satchels to the army units. Teresa McKay is married to my roommate from the Air Force Academy. She was a very close friend and informed me of this information while she sat at my house in New Orleans. The cash allowed the units to operate in an untraceable and undetectable fashion. This was a covert mission of national and international importance.

DOJ control number: 003068
The information is legal for me to have because it was obtained through discovery.

Testimony of: New Orleans Police Captain Joseph P. Waguespack Sr.
US Attorneys: Jared H. Fishman and Tracey Knight
Officer Waguespack was in the Public Integrity Bureau (PIB) at the time of Hurricane Katrina.

He was never charged with a crime because he participated with the Federal Government in covering up the release of the Katrina Virus and Military Suicide Weapon as well as the murdering of Americans by the US Military.

Officer Waguespack discusses suicides three times during his Grand Jury testimony.

He took over the homicide division.
He uses the term “suicides and unclassified deaths”. This means that the coroner could not give a cause of death. How the people died was never disclosed.

Quote: “But we were handling a lot of suicides at the time, also”. (They were not handling murders.)
Homicide merged with the Cold Case Squad.
He testified that he only had a few murder cases.
Quote: “But like a lot of our involvement was suicides we were handling.”

Kenyon International Emergency Services
Robert Jensen — CEO

I also served as the lead project officer in developing the military’s first and still used Joint Manual for Military Mortuary Affairs Operations, including managing nuclear, biological and chemical contaminated fatalities.


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