WillHawkins.com American Patriot – Utah



WillHawkins.com American Patriot – Utah

Since ratification the Constitution has been under assault from politicians, lawyers and judges to rework it and draw power to themselves. Since the Constitution regulates the power of the government and protects the citizens from abuses of power, it stands as a target for the enemies of liberty. To them, the Constitution must be altered, destroyed or made meaningless. The political parties have worked against one another and even with the assistance of one another to secure power at the expense of the people. But, there comes a time when the people must stand up and deny the usurpers and pretenders their prize. That time arrives when the government has drifted so far from its intended purpose as to endanger the very freedoms it was commissioned to protect.

To most, the words herein will sound arrogant and hostile. This message is not intended for every American. It is a call to those who understand that freedom is not free; to those who recognize a responsibility to the generations to come; to those who realize that the future of the nation is in their hands and it has fallen to them to secure it for posterity. Let the others turn away. Let the abettors to the crime laugh and sneer at the words here set down, for they are the ones who, out of fear, have allowed the nation to fall into this condition.

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