It never stops.

It never stops.

Eric Holder’s Fast and Furious program “walked” guns to Mexican Cartels, while attempting to concoct an excuse for increased gun control, which led to the murder of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry and chaos along our Southern border.

Gun owners face the looming threat of the U.N.’s Small Arms Treaty, which is designed to register, ban, and confiscate firearms from American citizens.

And this past spring, President Obama signed into law a reauthorization of the so-called “PATRIOT” Act which permits bureaucrats to classify gun owners as “domestic terrorists.”

Even worse, news reports say President Obama is already scheming to sneak an under-the-radar gun control agenda through should he be elected to a second term.

Obama’s stealth gun-grab agenda includes banning certain shotguns and so-called “assault rifles,” and enacting regulatory hurdles to prevent you from exercising your rights, buying ammunition or having access to vast public lands.

Who will stand up to this near daily assault on our right to keep and bear arms?

It won’t be the politicians who pop in to the local gun range for a campaign photo-op and then scoot back to Washington to do nothing – or even worse, vote for restrictions on firearms ownership.

That’s why I hope you’ll sign the Pro-Second Amendment Statement of Support I have prepared and send a clear message proclaiming you will only accept candidates for office who are 100% committed to defending our fundamental right to keep and bear arms.

I’ll give you a link to the statement in a moment, but first I want to explain why I am contacting you today.

You see, my political organization RAND PAC isn’t your run-of-the-mill political action committee.  We have a two pronged plan of attack to advance the pro-gun rights movement.

We’ll be pressuring members of congress with emails, phone calls, faxes and petitions to force any fence sitters to vote for pro-gun legislation this year.

And if any member of Congress turns their back on you and caves in to the anti-gunners, RAND PAC will flush them out of office by recruiting, endorsing and promoting candidates who are 100% pro-gun rights.

You have my word on this.  I have pledged to only endorse candidates who are 100% pro-Second Amendment.  As you know from my time in the Senate, my word is an unbreakable bond with pro-gun rights activists.

In fact, RAND PAC is the only Leadership PAC this cycle with the courage to endorse a primary challenger to an incumbent member of Congress.

Click to sign

For too long you and I have witnessed the Republican Party stray from its principles to “expand the big tent.”

We hear that if conservatives would just back off defending gun rights, the Republican Party can compromise its way to political victory.

These Republicans would compromise principle to maintain political power while gun-grabbers hatch plans to restrict our rights.

But my election, and the tea party wave that swept Republicans into the majority in the House of Representatives, proved that uncompromising commitment to conservative principles represents the blueprint for victory.

You see, all the experts said because I stand 100% in favor of the Second Amendment, I was “unelectable.”

The power brokers in my own party even lined up against me.

But when the votes were counted, I trounced my establishment opponent in the primary and the Democrat in the general election.

My campaign proved voters will rally to candidates who vow to advance pro-gun legislation and put a stop to anti-gunners schemes to infringe on our rights.

When Republicans act like Democrats, they lose.  When Republicans present a consistent, conservative, pro-gun rights vision, they win in landslides.

RAND PAC will only endorse candidates who hold my deep conviction that the Second Amendment means exactly what it says.

This means:

**      Opposing President Obama’s under-the-radar gun control schemes to ban certain shotguns, so-called “assault rifles,” and impose new regulations to restrict our rights.

**      Opposing Hillary Clinton’s efforts to ram through ratification of the U.N. Small Arms Treaty.

**      Defeating legislation to ban standard capacity magazines, making any magazine-fed firearm useless.

But electing a pro-gun to work majority will not be easy or cheap.

Democrats and their allies in the media constantly parrot a false narrative that the pro-Second Amendment cause is too “extreme.”

And all too often Republicans fall for this trap.

To combat the smears and distortions, RAND PAC has an aggressive grass roots strategy, but I’ll need your help to set it in motion.

If you and I are going to send conservatives to Congress whose mission is to roll back the gun-grabs, RAND PAC will need the resources to run hard-hitting TV ads, direct mail, email, and internet advertising exposing anti-gun politicians and promoting pro-gun rights candidates.

I pledge to fight tooth and nail in the Senate to beat back anti-gun schemes.  But in order to stop ratification of the U.N. Small Arms Treaty and slam the breaks on President Obama’s under-the-radar gun control agenda, I’ll need reinforcements.

All across America, there are good men and women running for office who won’t just talk the talk…

Being pro-gun defines who they are and why they seek office.

But the establishment lines up against them because they are afraid of committed pro-Second Amendment candidates who will “rock the boat.”

Well, with the anti-gunners pouring millions of dollars into campaigns to install gun-grabbers into office all across the country, I’m not willing to stand idly by.

I hope you aren’t either.

I know times are tough.  But what is the cost to our liberty if you and I stand on the sidelines and our Second Amendment rights are eroded?

So I hope you’ll fill out your Pro-Second Amendment Statement of Support  – to help RAND PAC put a stop to the gun-grabs and elect steadfast gun-rights champions to Congress.

RAND PAC’s plan to elect pro-gun rights majorities as election season builds includes:**      Hard-hitting TV, internet and radio ads promoting pro-Second Amendment candidates and exposing candidates who march in lockstep with the anti-gun lobby.

**      Direct mail and email contacting voters directly to highlight the records of committed pro-gun rights candidates and peel back the disguise of any politician who claims to be pro-Second Amendment but whose record is that of an anti-gunner.

**      Phone banking to identify pro-gun rights voters.

You see, being pro-Second Amendment isn’t just a box you check when you run for office.

But sometimes it’s hard to figure out which politicians won’t flinch when faced with the anti-gunners onslaught.

In the past year, we were able to force an important roll call vote on my amendment to the PATRIOT Act that would have exempted gun owners from warrantless searches.

These votes tell which officials are true pro-gun rights champions and smoke out the ones who are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

With the 2012 elections fast approaching, it is the perfect time to spring RAND PAC’s plan to spread the pro-gun rights message.

With Americans outraged over the Obama Administration’s Fast and Furious program undercutting our border security and threatening our national sovereignty with ratification of the U.N. Small Arms Treaty, pro-gun rights activists have never experienced such momentum.

Pro-Second Amendment activists no longer have to settle for politicians who mouth words of support on the campaign trail and abandon gun owners once elected.

Send a clear message that you will only back candidates who swear to oppose every gun-grabbing scheme.

Mobilize millions of pro-gun rights activists across America to defeat gun-grabbing politicians and elect a pro-gun rights to work majority in both houses of Congress.

The only way you and I can lose is if we do nothing.


Rand Paul


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